Can kojic soap get rid of dark underarms? The answer is….yes!

Kojic acid soap can lighten dark underarms but it takes about 8 weeks or so to see results assuming that you’re CONSISTENT and PATIENT with it.

But to expedite the process, please follow my instructions below.

****Prior to following my instructions, please make sure that your underarms are hairless. Hairy underarms won’t absorb whatever products you put in it!****

  1. Prior to using the kojic soap in your underarms, make sure that you’ve washed/scrubbed the area thoroughly using a loofah or washcloth.
  2. Leave the soap in the area for about 10-15 minutes, then wash thoroughly with cold water.
  3. Apply an underarm whitening cream (AT NIGHT). Leave this on. DO NOT wash off.
  4. Use a whitening deodorant (MORNING).


  • Avoid shaving or using razors that have been used before. I prefer waxing (here’s a good DIY wax) or sugaring.