Kojic acid soap can get rid of dark inner thighs especially when you follow these instructions:

Make sure that you inner thigh area is HAIRLESS prior to using the product.

  1. Always use the kojic soap in your inner thigh area AFTER cleansing/scrubbing it with a loofah or washcloth.
  2. Leave the soap in the area for about 10 minutes then wash thoroughly.
  3. Use the soap twice a day CONSISTENTLY (I cannot emphasize this enough).
  4. Use a dark inner thigh cream afterwards. Using a cream specifically made for dark inner thighs would help lighten the area faster.


  • Dark inner thighs are hard to get rid of especially if you don’t have a thigh gap but if you’re CONSISTENT and PATIENT, then you’ll get rid of it.
  • Always use specific products for dark inner thighs. The same stuff that you use on your face isn’t the for your body so make sure that you’re using products that are made just for dark inner thighs.

NOTE: if your inner thighs are really dark, it will take about 8 weeks or longer to see results assuming you follow the above instructions.