Where Can I Buy AUTHENTIC Kojic Acid Soap Online?

Where To Buy Real Kojic Acid Soap?

You’ve probably done your research about kojic acid soap and now wondering….where do I buy the AUTHENTIC soap?

Let me start by saying this: there are so many kojic acid soaps being sold everywhere, online and offline. You can find them at Amazon, eBay, WalMart, local Asian stores, ecommerce websites, etc.

But how do you know that they’re authentic?

This is actually a very good question so I’ve decided to make a list on where to buy the real soaps.

Official Websites (Verified and Authenticated)

Here’s the official sites for these brands. You can be assured that these sites offer REAL kojic acid soap. If you’re an international buyer, here’s where you can get the soap and have it shipped to your country.

BrandOfficial Website (USA + worldwide shipping)
Marie Francehttps://store.mariefranceinternational.com/products/kojic-acid-soap
Kojie Sanhttps://www.kojiesanusa.com/Kojic-Acid-Soap.html

Amazon (Verified and Authenticated)

Note that these sellers only ship WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

BrandSeller Name on AmazonVerified?
Marie FranceFilipinaSkinCareYES
Kojie San B_HealthyYES
Koji White Bophie LTDYES
LaisaeBophie LTDYES

Walmart (Verified Sellers)

Marie France

Kojie San

eBay (Verified and Authenticated)

There are a lot of sellers in eBay that sell these brands of kojic acid soap but you need to be aware that these are the ones who sell AUTHENTIC kojic soaps.

Brand Seller
Marie France PK’s Skincare
Kojie SanSweet Suzzy

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