Top 5 Kojic Acid Soap Before and After Pictures

Kojic acid soap before and after

Ever wonder if kojic acid soap really works?

I’m sure that you’re skeptical about it and that’s how you found this page.

I can tell you for sure that it DOES work!

But…if you don’t believe me, then check out the before and after pics below.

Note: these are REAL, unedited reviews. 

1. Brighter Skin

You can see in the picture below how the dark spots on her face lightened up. With her dark spots gone, her skin dramatically evened out, giving her skin a healthy glowing look!

What causes dark spots on the face and neck? 

The most common cause of dark spots on the face and neck is sun damage. The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body.

When overexposed to sunlight, the harmful UV rays trigger the skin to produce more melanin – to protect it from the sun. 

When your skin produces large amounts of melanin, it causes dark patches on your face and neck to appear. That’s why sunscreen is a must!

2. Get dark spot-free!

Hopeful123 has been suffering from acne dark spots since an adolescent. She used the soap religiously for about 3 months and voila! her skin cleared up!

Getting dark spots from acne is very common specially for those people with medium to dark skin tones.

The key to really getting rid of these dark spots is to use the kojic soap consistently for about 2-3 months. Followed by a natural oil or a pH-balanced moisturizer.

3. Amazing Duo

Here is an example of how Kojic acid soap showed results in just a week. She used Kojic acid soap with Nadinola cream on her neck, chest and armpits.

Nadinola cream contains 3 percent Hydroquinone which has a skin bleaching effect similar to Kojic acid soap.

Combining these two gives the best lightening effect- far superior than other combinations out there in the market!

When you use Kojic acid soap in your armpits you essentially stop your skin from producing dark pigment. This will allow your skin to lighten and even out in time.

What causes underarms to darken? 

A lot of factors. The most common one being Acanthosis Nigricans. Although not dangerous, it causes the skin to thicken and darken in folds

A piece of advice: skip shaving and give your armpits a break. A study found that frequent hair removal can cause more melanin-forming cells to be produced, making skin look darker.

If you plan to use Kojic acid soap with another lightening product, proceed with caution! 

Using products such as Hydroquinoneone of the most popular lightening agents, with a concentration of 4 percent or higher can be irritating especially for sensitive skin.

4. Dark knees are gone!

The picture below shows results after using the Kojic acid soap for 7 days.

The woman in the photo used Kojic acid soap twice a day and although her knees aren’t completely even, it does show very promising results. She recommends using an exfoliating mit while using the soap.

Day 1

Day 7

Our knees,elbows, and other joints are often times the most overlooked parts of the body. The fact that they’re often rubbing against clothes or furniture doesn’t help.

That’s why you’ll notice that your skin becomes thicker so as to protect itself. Take my advice, don’t forget about them.

Give them the TLC they deserve. The key here is to consistently use Kojic acid soap and keep them moisturized at all times! This will help keep the skin barrier in good shape as much as possible. 

“How will Kojic acid soap lighten my dark knees and elbows?” Good question!

Aside from preventing dark pigment from being produced, Kojic acid soap will exfoliate dead skin cells off your skin.

This will successfully lighten your dark knees and elbows.

5. Skin resurfacing

A woman who started using Kojic acid soap has become a fan after seeing results in just a month. According to her, the soap gives a stinging sensation if left on the face for more than 5 minutes.

She recommends leaving the Kojic acid soap on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.

After that, she uses a Pore Refining toner by Neutrogena and a heavy moisturizer. Because of her diligence in a skincare routine, she achieved beautiful skin, void of acne, and pockmarks.

If you have experienced acne or infections like chickenpox then you’re most likely familiar with pockmarks. These appear as deep scars on the face (aka “ice pick” scars). 

Why does this happen?

Crescent-shaped marks appear because our skin didn’t produce enough collagen after an injury to the skin. Collagen plays an important part in healing the skin especially after a breakout or a case of chickenpox. 

How do we get rid of pockmarks?

To get rid of pockmarks, we’ll need to exfoliate the top layer of the skin.

How do we do this?

Kojic acid soap does a great job of shedding off old skin cells. This renews the layers of the skin making it look bright, even, and gives a smooth and supple feel to the skin.

From dark spots to darkened knees, Kojic acid soap has proven to effectively fade skin imperfections. Five brave women took a chance on this soap and revealed their awe-inspiring transformations. Will you be next?

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