The Truth About “Fake” Kojic Acid Soaps

fake kojic acid soap

So I was reading some comments about kojic acid soaps being sold online and I can’t help but notice that there are so many “fake” comments listed in the review section.

Therefore, I’ve decided that it’s time to finally set the record straight.

Top 4 reasons why people think that the kojic soap they bought was fake:

#1. Not feeling the tingling/burning sensation.

Most of the reviewers who wrote reviews about kojic soaps stated that they feel that the product they bought was fake because they didn’t feel any “tingling or burning sensation.”

Although it’s true that kojic acid causes some kind of tingling/burning, not everyone would feel this.


It’s because the tingling/burning sensation is felt by people who have sensitive skin.

If you have normal or combination skin, then you’ll more than likely not going to experience this.

So, chill and don’t be alarmed.

Just because you’re not feeling any burning feeling doesn’t mean that you bought a fake soap.

#2. Smells different.

Fragrance is commonly used in kojic soaps. In fact, when we first started selling our own brand of kojic acid soap, we did use Orange scent on it until we’ve decided to remove it in December 2019.

So here’s the thing: just because your soap smells different from the last one you purchased, doesn’t mean that it’s fake. Note that manufacturers change scents all the time.

In addition, the soaps are made in batches. If they put more scent on batch A and less scent on batch b, then there will be a significant difference in terms of smell.

#3. Color is different.

As someone who makes kojic acid soap from scratch, I can tell you for sure that you shouldn’t use color to determine whether the soap is authentic or not.


Again, the soaps are made in batches. Just like fragrance, if you add more color to batch A and less on batch B, then batch A will be lighter and B will be darker.

In addition, if the soap was just recently made, then the color would be slightly darker due to its high moisture content.

I found this YouTube video that talks about Real VS Fake Kojie San Soap – where the reviewer was using the soap’s color to determine whether it’s fake or not. I don’t completely disagree with her but then again, color shouldn’t be the sole determinant of the soap’s authenticity.

It all depends on the manufacturing process.

#4. It didn’t work.

Oh boy. This is a good one.

Just because the product didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it’s fake.

It only means one thing – that it didn’t work for you. Your skin probably doesn’t like it or maybe you haven’t used it long enough.

Another possible reason: the kojic soap that you bought isn’t strong enough.

Just like any other skincare products, there are some products that will work for you and others won’t.

How can you avoid buying a fake kojic soap?

There’s only one sure way to make sure that what you’re buying is legit – that is to buy from authen distributors listed on this page.

I keep this list updated every week so this is up-to-date.

By Rosey

Kojic Soap Queen. Vegan. Dog mom.

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