What are the benefits of using kojic acid soap?

Kojic Acid Soap Benefits:

As someone who loves skincare, I know very well that “skin problem” can mean different things for different people.

Take, for example, acne.

While this particular skin issue may bother me since I’ve struggled with this at specific points in my life, it may not be a bother to some, whom instead, have struggled with melasma for most of their lives.  

Now, I’m no stranger when it comes to awesome clothes and even better makeup but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t always succeed in making me feel great and I know that’s true for you too. 

That’s why we look to products that don’t just temporarily enhance our appearance but also benefit our health in the long run. 

In the years that I’ve spent struggling to perfect my skincare routine, I found a particular product that I could rely on at every point in my life.

A product that I’ve used for many years. A product that I would recommend even to my family and friends.

That’s Kojic acid soap

If you want to know all the ways that Kojic acid soap has helped me and the people around me, here’s a list of skin problems that Kojic acid soap can help get rid of.

  1. Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or Dark Spots

Like I’ve said earlier, I’ve had friends and family who suffer from a skin problem of their own. Most of them, middle-aged women, have admitted that they suffer from Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH. 

When I asked each of them what caused it, most of them said allergies, breakouts, psoriasis, and injury. While a few of them credited their PIH to medications and cosmetic procedures.

I think that it’s also crucial that I mention that most of my friends whom have darker skin tones tend to experience this the most. 

When they each separately came to me with this problem, I immediately introduced them to Kojic acid soap. 

When they asked what was so special about the soap, I explained to them that they had darkened areas because their body produced too much melanin – a natural dark pigment that gives color to our hair, eyes, and skin.  

I then told them that Kojic acid soap keeps the body from producing melanin and that it does this by inhibiting Tyrosinase – an enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin.

The soap would then cause those dark areas to lighten.

After using it for several weeks, they already found their skin tone noticeably brighter and evened out.

Even though it took longer for some of them to notice any change (let’s say 2-3 months), it’s safe to say that they now keep an extra soap bar handy just in case they run out.

  1. Bacterial Acne

I personally have experienced acne several times in my life. After reading more about it, I learned that it’s actually more common than I initially thought.

I was surprised to know that almost 20 percent of all visits to skin doctors are related to the treatment of acne in the United States.

Mine began during puberty when hormone levels changed and bacteria were ever-present on my oily skin. I again experienced it later in life during menstrual cycles and during my first pregnancy.

In my case of bacterial acne, P. acnes, the pimple-causing bacteria caused trouble on my skin. My pores became clogged with the trio- P.acnes, oil and dead skin cells. Without air, my clogged pores stretched and formed pimples. 

One of the many reasons that drew me to Kojic acid soap was its ability to kill bacteria.

When I used Kojic acid, it destroyed P. acnes, preventing my skin from further breaking out. It dried out my pimples and calmed the redness of my skin.

Even better was, after my pimples healed, Kojic acid soap prevented melanin build-up so that I didn’t get acne scars afterward.

  1. Melasma

Melasma, like PIH, was a common problem for the people around me.

If you live in a tropical country, chances are you probably have it too. It happens for several reasons like prolonged sun exposure (that’s why sunscreen is so important!).

Unknown to many, melasma can also be set off by the perfume and cosmetics that we use.

Even the use of birth control pills can play a role in causing this skin condition.

If you find yourself having them, I highly recommend that you try out Kojic acid soap.

Like what it does for people with PIH, it stops melanin formation. This would then brighten those gray to brown spots. 

  1. Dark underarms

Have you ever turned down sleeveless tops and cute bathing suits because you felt embarrassed about your dark underarms? 

If the answer to that is Yes! Then that gives you another reason to try Kojic acid soap.

Kojic acid soap will remove the dead skin cells from your skin and prevent the pigment – melanin, from forming. This will leave you with brighter and smoother underarms.

After using this soap, make sure to wear loose clothing so as not to irritate your skin; and if you can, avoid using deodorants that can irritate your underarms because it can cause it to darken even more.

  1. Age spots

You may or may not have heard of age spots before. That’s because they go by several names like liver spots or solar lentigines.

If you’re not sure whether you have this or not, then look at yourself in the mirror.

Check for tan to brown or even black spots. Pay special attention to your forehead, the bridge of your nose and cheeks because that’s where the sunlight usually hits. You can also have them on the backs of your hands.

Compared to melasma, this is mainly caused by sun exposure. It also appears smaller on older, sun-exposed skin. 

As a skin problem caused by uncontrolled pigmentation, Kojic acid soap would have no problem treating these age spots.

As Kojic acid soap stops melanin from forming, you’ll find those pesky spots gone in a matter of weeks. 

Don’t forget to use sunscreen if you don’t want them to come back!

  1. Stretch marks

Striae or Stretch marks are a problem that I’m very familiar with as I’ve had them during my pregnancies; but you can also expect them during puberty or after a sudden weight gain.

Although it doesn’t pose a threat to our health, they make for an unappealing sight. 

It looks different for every person. You may have them as thin white lines. For others, it can appear red, dark blue, or black. You can have them on your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts, back, underarms, and groin area.

Having tried different products for years, I was quite skeptical about Kojic acid soap being capable of getting rid of my stretch marks; but time and experience erased all doubts from my mind.

This soap was able to diminish the redness of my stretch marks.

It did this by removing dead skin, allowing my marks to heal and slowly return to its natural state.

When I talked to my friends who were also using Kojic acid soap, they shared that the soap was also able to help them by lightening the darkened areas of their skin – making their white marks less noticeable. 

  1. Wrinkles

We all want to have skin that withstands the test of time but aging, along with loss of collagen, is very much a part of my life as it is yours.

As we continue to grow old, our wrinkles deepen; and sun damage only worsens the stubborn lines, making us look twice our age.

This is why I’ve made it a habit to use Kojic acid soap in my daily routine. Even in my late 20s, I was conscious of the wrinkles on my forehead. 

Since I’ve used Kojic acid soap, I noticed a significant change in my appearance.

The lines on my forehead are now barely visible; and although I find myself regularly placed in stressful situations, Kojic acid soap has done a terrific job of keeping my wrinkles at bay.

Highly impressed, I tried to find more information on Kojic acid soap benefits. I found out through my research that Kojic acid encourages new skin cells, collagen and other important parts of our skin, to form.

This, in turn, strengthens our skin and prevents it from wrinkling

It also protects your skin from further damage by combating UV rays from the sun.


After reading all this, you might still be unsure about Kojic acid soap – that’s okay, I totally understand.

When I first heard about this soap, I couldn’t believe that a single bar of soap could eliminate PIH, bacterial acne, melasma, dark underarms, age spots, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

Through trial and error, I quickly learned that it was possible to have a product (that caused a small change in my routine) ending up having the most impact in my life.

I found that in Kojic acid soap.

You, as a reader, can have that too if you give Kojic acid soap a chance.

By Rosey

Kojic Soap Queen. Vegan. Dog mom.

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